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    1. Need skills and materials required to become a better tutor?
    2. In need of literacy books to empower yourself?
    3. Do you know anyone struggling with reading?

    with us you stand to gain even more because...

  • With us reading becomes fun
  • Our system has been proven to be highly effective
  • We have all the materials you need for learning and teaching
  • We train teachers as well as students
  • Our books don't just entertain you,they inspire!!.
  • Our programmes start from the lowest levels up to the highest levels of literacy development.



Books from our reading adventure series

the reading adventure series are available in pairs, specially designed for the instructor and student as well,and they can also be purchased in bulk

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Mr Philemon Amos Damulem
My son Jeremiah attended a reputable school but lacked interest in learning, So I enrolled him in a school using the READING ADVETNTURE'S...

system of learning and He became interested in reading as a result of using their phonics reading system. Within a short time he began to read simple words fluently. Before long, Jeremiah could carry the Bible, Magazines, and News Papers and read them fluently. the reading adventure planted in him a passion for reading.


Mrs Mary Beth Oyebade
The ability to read is the bedrock of education--and phonics is the bedrock of reading. If a child can read fluently, he or she will...

be able to learn more about all of the other subjects. We must not overlook the incredible importance of how we teach students to read. Many schools use the look-say method of teaching, and it fails to give students the building blocks (phonics) of reading. The Reading Adventure manuals provide a step-by-step process on how to teach children to read by using phonics. I am thrilled that this material is now available for use in our schools across Nigeria. For schools that are passionate about the education of our children, the Reading Adventure manuals should be an essential part of the curriculum.


Akesa Florence, Head Teacher
1. I highly appreciate the facilitators of all on their effort to impact knowledge to us. 2. It is the first in kind...

to learn and understand much on how to start to teach learners from the beginning to the higher points.
3. Relationship at the workshop is excellent.
I suggest that this kind of work should henceforth be able to be organized at least once in every session of the school calendar year. Teacher

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