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The phonics Reading Adventure 3 workbook

Adventure 3
Charts #31 #40
Short Vowel &
Sentence Charts
Short Vowel Rule
When a word has only one vowel and
it comes at the beginning
or between two consonants,
the vowel usually has a short sound.
Examples: ox, cat, pet, pig, dog, duck
Double Letter Rule
A short vowel three letter word ending
in the letters f, l, s or z
usually needs a double ending.
Examples: jazz, bell, kiss, toss, dull

The phonics Reading Adventure 4 workbook

Adventure 4
Chart #41
Present Tense Verbs
Chart #42
Long Vowels with Silent e
Long Vowel Rule
When a word has two vowels,
the first one is usually long,
and the second is silent.
Chart #43
Consonant Digraphs
Chart #44
Consonant Combinations
Chart #45
R-controlled Vowels